Looking to trade a Loaded with Ivory and Silver Zinzola Ivory cue.


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Looking to trade one of the nicest cues I have/will ever own. The sole reason for trading is that the pin is a piloted radial, and I shoot with a Jacoby Edge Hybrid shaft and I don' t want to purchase another one. Cue is the absolutely loaded with Ivory and has some of the longest points I have ever seen. These pictures are from when I purchased the cue, and I have used it once. The only thing that I can see on it is that the top of the wrap has pulled away a little bit from the top of the channel, does not effect play at all. The silver inlaid into the Ivory Hoppe ring is incredible. I really can't say enough about this cue!

Mostly interested in a Sugartree, but make an offer and we will see what we can do.

Weight: 19.5 oz
Butt Sleeve: Ebony
Butt cap: Phenolic
Joint Material: Ivory
Ferrule Material: Elforyn
Forearm: Birdseye Maple
Wrap: Elephant Ear
Ring work: Fancy Sterling Silver
Pin style: Piloted Radial
2 Shafts: 12.5 & 12.6 mm
Tips: Moori