LTB: 3/8x10 jump butt


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I currently have a blueberry schmelke dedicated break stick with a Samsara tip and I love the way it hits and breaks the balls. In a pinch I have been able to jump with the shaft only but it is a hair light and leaves me with a little less control than desired. I'm looking for a very cheap jump butt that will fit if needed. I'm looking to spend less than $50. Schmelke can probably make/sell me one for that price so I was just seeing if anyone had anything lying around that they were looking to get rid of. I don't care what it looks like as I just need a little more weight to add to the shaft.


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If you didn't buy one already, I have a Chilton Custom Cue jump handle. It was brand new, but shows some wear now, because it was sitting in my trunk.

I would take $15 shipped for it.