Lucasi Hybrid Cues with LC Logo on the Shaft (instead of LH)?

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Hi everyone!

Has anyone here bought a Lucasi Hybrid cue in the last year or so?

If so, did your cue come with an LC (Lucasi Custom) logo on the shaft despite being a Lucasi Hybrid cue?

Trying to clear up some confusion here as we recently bought an Lucasi Hybrid LHC97 which arrived with an LH logo on the butt (grip) and (unexpectedly) an LC logo on the shaft. It's definitely the correct shaft as it's the radial construction version with the Zero Flex.

Looking at the Cue & Case website in their HYBRID shaft section:

You can see there that all of their HYBRID shafts have LC logo's on their website.

And when you look in their CUSTOM shafts page there are only two LC shafts and neither have radial construction.

So it appears that we have the correct butt and shaft, just non-matching LH and LC logo's on the butt and shaft respectively. Which we felt was odd!

Wondering if anyone else here has bought a Lucasi Hybrid cue recently, and if so which model, how long ago, and did your shaft come with an LH or LC logo?


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Yes, happened quite a lot the last few years when they changed/updated their logos.

Pie logos on non-laminated shafts and the other way around aswell, LC and LH mixed...clusterfuck for dealers who have to explain this to customers.


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Expecting mine to arrive hopefully next week and I will let you know about the logo.
Your thoughts on the shaft? Are you happy with it?

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That would be great if you could let me know once you receive it!

I haven't played the cue yet actually. I wanted to know what the situation was with this logo thing before I started using it. And we have two big projects on the go currently and so it's been a little forgotten amongst the workload.

However, I did contact to ask about the logo's. They replied the same day and advised they do not own the brand, just sell it, and recommended to contact Cue and Case. Good customer service!

So, emailed Cue and Case. I was completely ignored for 8 days, zero reply - just their automated response saying the email has been received and a customer services rep will be in touch shortly. Then nothing, for 8 days. What awful customer service!

Got fed up after waiting 8 days with no reply, so I sent a second email following up and stating I expect better customer service from a company who's selling $800(++!) cues. Received a reply the same day...

Now, if you look on the Cue and Case website and look at the Shafts/Hybrid page you will see they do 12 versions of the Hybrid shaft, every single one of which has an LC logo...

Cue and Case advised that the logo has only been changed on the shafts, not on the full cues. So, I asked, you manufacture two identical versions of every Hybrid shaft, one with LC logo's to be sold as seperate shafts, and another identical version with an LH version to go with complete cues? So, 12 Hybrid shafts potentially becomes 24 Hybrid shafts????

YES, they said!

Having been involved in manufacturing for brands (not pool!) hundreds of times you do it as efficiently as possible. You do not make two versions of everything with logo's that will only confuse customers. All seems very odd, very inefficient, and somewhat unlikely. BUT, that's what they said. Make of it what you will.

In the meantime also heard back from an official Lucasi dealer who said the they CAN come with LC logo's on the shaft for Hybrid cues. So, who knows!

Seems very confusing for customers full stop to put LC logo's on LH products. And why manufacture two versions of every shaft? When manufacturing you want to get the per unit cost down, and that's done by increasing quantity. Why would you order 500 x 24 shafts when you could order the identical shafts 1000 x 12 for a better per unit price, and not confuse your customers (or dealers) at the same time? Just from a business perspective that makes zero logical sense.

Hopefully some more people can share their experiences here and confirm what shaft logo they received on their Hybrid cue.


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Interesting! And weird 😐
I ordered the Lucasi LHC17 which had as a stock shaft the 11.75 one. I don't like skinny shafts so I asked for a 12.75. Very curious about what I will receive!!

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Yes, that's a good point. If you have requested a non-standard Hybrid shaft option then I guess it should come with an LC logo, at least based upon what Cue & Case have said.

In theory that would then leave them with a leftover standard Hybrid shaft that has LH logo. And if they then sell that as a separate shaft then that person will get an LH logo instead of LC as shown on the Cue & Case website.

Confusing? Yes!

Out of interest, who did you order from?

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Just an update for anyone who is interested or may be reading this after buying a Lucasi Hybid cue...

As above, Cue & Case (owner of Lucasi) have confirmed that they do not manufacture Hybrid cues that have an LC logo on the shaft. LC logo's are only on shafts that are sold seperately. The shafts sold seperately USED to have LH logo's, but those have now been changed to LC logo's - but not on the complete cues which will all have LH logo shafts. Clear, lol? (y)

I have been doing some research online and was looking at Lucasi Hybrid cues on Ozone Billiards, and look what I found...

If you zoom in on the image you can clearly see this cue has an LH logo on the grip (butt), and an LC logo on the shaft. From what Cue & Case have advised this should not exist. This is just like my Lucasi Hybrid I have here, which again should not exist.

Perhaps a one-off (or two-ff including mine!) anomaly I thought, so I looked through the Lucasi Hybrid cues on Ozone further and the majority (of the ones where the logo is visible in the images) have LC logos on the shafts:

So, unfortunately, with the conflicting information I have no idea what's going on. I thought Cue & Cases' explanation would be the final word, but it would appear what they have advised is completely incorrect???

The LHC17 model is in the list above and shown with an LC logo on the shaft. This is the model that apoelnike is buying (as above) so it will definitely be interesting to find out which logo his cue arrives with...


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It shouldn’t be that confusing!
Well I received mine today and it has the LC logo.
Pictures attached


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Thanks for the update!

So, it seems it's highly probably 'normal' for the Hybrid cues to have the LC logo - which goes directly against what Cue & Case advised. You think they'd know their own products better :confused: