Luke's - Sherman, TX - Ladies Only 9-Ball Tournament


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Luke's Sports Bar and Grill in Sherman, Texas will be holding another Ladies Only 9 Ball tournament on Sunday, August 16th 2009

$10 entry

-Sign up and practice starts at 2 pm
-Play starts at 3 pm
-True double elimination with races to 3 on both sides
-BCAPL rules
-Flip for 1st break - Winner breaks after
-Luke's will add $5 per entry to pot
-100% payout
-8 foot tables

We had 8 ladies show up last time and we had a blast! We are moving this to Sundays to give the ladies more time to play.

For more information send email to:

View attachment lukesladies9ball-color-nomap-no2.pdf
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1 week!

Only one week away!! This was a blast last time, it should be a blast this time. Looking forward to it. Hopefully, Tony will be feeling good enough to be the TD this time... :p


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Have many RSVP's for it yet?
Gotta have an idea of who's coming so I can lay my bets before I go!lol


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Sorry Shane! I didn't see your post in time to let you know who was coming... or rather that I only knew that Monica was coming.

We had fun yesterday. Well, *I* had fun, I hope the other ladies did!

Again, we had only 8 players… but they were a different group than last time, except for me. I *let* Tony help me out and he called most of the matches and was an all around great helper… (which means he pretty much ran the tournament, not me)

Places and payouts:

7th/8th place: SPetty and Ann Malone
5th/6th: Monica Anderson and Ashley Simmons
4th: Rosa Rios
3rd: Lou Earl $20
2nd : Amanda Lampert $40
1st: Corina Campbell $60

I've got to figure out within the next few days when would be good for next month's and October's tournament would be. I'll let everyone know!

Thanks again for all that played and supported this!!