maccassar ebony/Karelian birch burl double butterfly


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maccassar ebony/Karelian birch burl , russian double butterfly

Hi ! An AZ fellow wanted me to show him an unusual cue i own , so I share the pics. Not for sale ;)
I know, i know, crappy pics ... sorry! but better than nothing.

Some pics of a russian butterfly pool cue , i'm the only owner of this unique cue , a long story. It comes from Kazan, RU , and now has found his confortable home in France ;)

59" wrapless cue , with 2 different radialy laminated shafts ( one is a butterflyed in radially laminated hornbeam shaft & the other is a radially laminated maple shaft)

The butt is in macassar ebony and Karelian birch burl , double butterfly as you can see on pic 4.
The buttsleeve looks kind of recuts or multiple splices, dunno... Karelian birch , gaboon ebony , white hornbeam.

shaft 1 : 12.8mm, double butterfly of macassar/carelian birch in radially laminated hornbeam . european taper
568g with it , verrry forward balanced. very stiff. it's really a one-of-a-kind cue/hit with this shaft, especially for 3C.

shaft 2 : 12.8mm, radially laminated maple. 532g with this config, good stiff shaft,european taper. i like it for both pool & 3C.

Both ferrules are short (like 3C or pyramid) and uncapped. I've put kamui black soft on both.

Joint is black phenolic, the pin is a "kind of uniloc" , dunno exactly (knock off?).

This cue feels verrry unusually nice , super confortable balance , it feels more like a snooker cue feel -or an english pool cue feel - except for the balance, which is very (or very very) forward balanced
it is unusually thin at the collar (20.3mm) and at the buttcap (around 29.5mm)

The finish is oil . superb.

i've played with both shaft, of special interest is i can play confortably both straight pool and cushion with this cue. Unique feel , because of its size/materials/finish/mecanical properties.

have fun, a nice week




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