map the shot then work from there.


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A lot of people have already said the same things coming in this post but another way of looking at things might help.

First, we all agree this isn't the easiest shot on the table. So first thing, put the cue ball where the object ball is. Fire it into the long rail on the way down until you find out how much of the long rail you can hit and the ball still fall at moderate to firm speed on your table. Mark that spot just for reference. OK, still using your cue ball on the object ball spot, how far out on that inner rail can you hit and the ball still fall? Mark where the outside of the cue ball lines up. Put your cue ball back on that object ball spot one more time. Now look at things from the other side of the pocket. When you look at halfway between the two marks from behind the pocket you are normally shooting at, that is the center of your pocketable area.

Odds are that one, the width of acceptable ball placement in the pocket is wider than you thought, and two, the center of that placement isn't where you thought it was! From now on, forget what you see on these shots, your eyes are lying to you about where you need to place the object ball when you address these shots. Remember where the center of ball placement really is, or just find the spot visually again. After finding the spot awhile using trial and error your eyes get "educated". I backcut balls in the sides better than most using a similar method.

There is often a quick cheat in the heat of battle. Stand behind the object ball line to the pocket and use the long rail as a crutch. Now just fire the object ball parallel to the rail and watch it find the hole. Don't even think about that hole way down yonder, it hasn't moved since last time you shot at it!

Since you have your own table it is easy to grab the whole rack of balls and shoot this shot fifteen times each time you start hitting balls. Soon pocketing it will be so routine that you are focusing on other things fully expecting the balls to fall. Final thing, practice all four corners which will naturally have you cutting both ways. Before long this will be your bank shot, as in "money in tha".


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