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So you may have seen my previous post about possibly trading my Master's practice round tickets for a cue...( but if not...that offer is still around. I am also willing to sell the tickets outright now. $ is tight after a not so profitable trip to Vegas.

I am willing to sell them now and they will ship out to you as soon as I get them (March). I suspect that with Tiger taking his extended leave that he will likely make his return right around Masters time next year, which should cause the price to jump up substantially, so these could be a good opportunity to buy them from me and sell them come April for a big profit, but my current situation leads me to take what I can for them now. Likely that the final price will be around $900 in April, though I would accept less now.

Best offer so far is $400 per ticket (cash - so no paypal fees there) - but I think i can do a litlte better here.

PM with offers for cues and or $.