Matt Krah vs Thorsten

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I just want to congratulate Matt Krah, who won against Thorsten on a hill-hill thriller.:)

For those of you who are not familiar with Matt, he was voted as the rookie of the year on the UPA, and is a regular in winning the Blaze Tour.

A young man, with a great attitude, an awesome game, and a big heart.

Here is a picture of Matt in action. (courtesy of JR Calvert)


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There was an article about Matt recently, which I have attached the scan.

Matt Krah is 25 years old, from Newark, DE. He started playing when he was 14.

Matt won the Delaware Straight Pool Championship and also the Pro Am in Valley Forge in 2006.

Matt is also a student in Business in Delaware Tech, and will be finishing his degree this year.

Wish you go all the way in Vegas, Matt.:)


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Matt will be playing Japanese champion Kawabata at 14:30pm, wish him all the best.:)



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We had a chat last Tuesday at the local tourney, and we talked specifically about the BCA tourney.
The only advice i gave him was watching out for slick cloth speed out there in the desert, telling him it was quite different then the humid east coast stuff we are used to playing on. Especially if they were gonna play in the penthouse, but i don't think it was held up there this year.

Seeing as Matt used to be part of our road crew for all the weekend events, he has definitely come a long way, maturing both as a person AND a player and i couldn't be happier for him.

He has recently been beating some world class names at the weekend events, and I knew it was just a matter of time till he managed to do it in a major.

First thing i did when i saw the headline was send him a text message congratulating him on his win, telling him to keep it up and wishing him good luck.

I hope he has a great tournament.


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jimmy-leggs said:
I still think thorsten will come back on B side and win.;)

I'll tell you this--its a long row to hoe. The B side is already filled with wall to wall killers. Looking at the AZ Billiards brackets, you've got Archer, Morris, Schmidt, and Owen just to start. Then you've got Shannon, Tony Robles, Nick Varner, Larry Nevel, Shawn Putnam, etc. It's a murderer's row! Now soft spots in this tournament!