Matt Sherman: Billiards About.

Hello everyone,
I know there is already an older post on this instructor but I wanted to start my own with fresh ink. I would like to give Matt Sherman the praise I feel he deserves. I recently posted up on variable issues namely in 8 ball pattern play I was struggling with and got some sound advice and some as expected results of posting on a forum. Overall this group was working to be helpful and did what they could. A week or so went by and Matt contacted me and said he wished to try and enlighten me forward on a better path. So I took him up on a lesson, I am very glad that I did so, He asked the right questions to determine where and how my faults existed and then gave me his best advice to grow forward and see 8 ball differently then I had been. As a long term player who took a long stent away from pool. A lot had changed with myself and the game. Matt understood how to take those out of date ways and help mentally give me better tools to move forward.
I had a match the evening after I spoke with Matt and I switched how I approached pattern ideas and structures and saw day one improvements on percentages. Then, two more matches over the weekend showed even more growth and I can see my patterns and choices in 8 ball will never be the same as they where. I can honestly say Matt's love and passion for pool and growth for our sport and players is top tier and enthusiastic in a way that I think players new and old can learn from or at the least tip your hat towards. If you are looking for a Person with passion and commitment to our sport and your personal growth. I vote for Matt Sherman to be in corner, He is in mine and I look forward to being the best player ongoing till my time a table is done.

Thank you Matt Sherman.
Shoot well. Everyone!