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Maybe you should post a picture and add some info to your Q.
Or link to a definitive article or post on the subject with pictures to help someone who might or might not be able to help you.

George Westinghouse patented the stuff and it was a brand name.
But being made from 1910 until currently (Supposedly Norplex/successor/buyer of brand "still makes" some old forms of Micarta?) There are quite a range of products made under that name by the original company, and now it's also like "Kleenex". Any phenolic laminate.

IOW even in the old daze, "Micarta" did not mean one specific product. Even if cue makers sort of thought they knew what it was.
To us guys in cabinet shops, "Micarta" meant backers - "Formica" without the melamine color coat. Or other phenolic paper laminate.

I get most of my linen/canvas/paper phenolic from machine shop auctions, especially the older stuff. I've only rarely seen a brand or lot stamp on any phenolic, even bought new. Some airplane parts have stamped Mil spec data. So there might be some of what you are looking for here, or there might not be. I would not know how to look based on your description.



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I was lucky to find a few "Westinghouse, the origional high-pressure plastic laminate" ferrules. I believe them to be the"good stuff" that people are looking for in a cue. Now I need enough for a joint or two. Thanks for your insight