Mike Lambros six point


Rating - 100%
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Selling to fund another Lambros. This cue plays absolutely outstanding! The joint does have two small scraches but was told they can be buffed out. I don't have a lathe or trust anyone in my area to touch it. They are very small and only seen when pointed out. Cue rolls dead straight. Shafts do have a small taper roll.

The forearm is highly figured curly maple with six cocobolo points in a high / low configuration. The butt is cocobolo. The handle is white with brown spec Irish linen. The joint is white phenolic with the original Lambros Ultra Joint. This cue comes with (2) Lambros Hard Rock Maple Shafts with Kamui Black Medium Tips.

Forearm: Cruly Maple
Points: Cocobolo
Butt: Cocobolo
Handle: Irish Linen
Joint: Original Lambros Ultra Joint w/ 3/8 x 10 Pin
Joint Collar: White Phenolic
Butt Cap: White Phelonic
Shafts: 2 Lambros Hard Rock Maple Shafts
Shaft Diameter: 13 MM
Weight: 19 oz
Tip: Kamui Black Med
Joint Protectors - Included

If you have any questions please ask away.

$1200 shipped OBO

Also have a BK3, OB jump cue, and a JB Case. If you want the ultimate package you can have it all for $1800.


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