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I'm probably late to be asking for this kind of information. What is the status of Moori Tips? Is the quality still as great as years ago? Is Mr. Moori retired? Finally, are the tips still being produced?

Thanks in advance, fellow Azers.


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I sold 2-Cognoscenti cues to a friend that immediately replaced the tips with Moori mediums.
The Cogs went from being terrific playing cues to these hard hitting things that nobody liked.
6-months after the tip change the buyer asked me to take the Cogs back, and I did.

I own cues that have older Moori mediums installed years ago that play as good as a cue can play, I have always liked Moori mediums, so something is definitely wrong.
All 4-shafts for those Cogs hit so hard that the cues were not fun to play with.
The buyer came back to me a few months later and wanted the Cogs back again, we made a deal, the 4-Moori mediums were changed out to 4-Kamui black softs, and the Cogs play fantastic again.
I'm not even a big fan of Kamui blacks, but they play a whole lot better than those Moori medium tips.
As far as cues being traded back & forth multiple would have to understand the cue market in Denver, Colorado.


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I have sold Moori tips for many years and to be honest they have dropped their quality a little from many years ago. But it is still one of the best tips in the world. That is how far ahead of most everyone else they were. They dropped a few layers off their tips through the years, and were still better than most everyone else. I am guessing they did this to cut production cost without raising prices. And also with the real tall tips they were taking forever to wear out, so maybe they did it to where you will need a new tip every year or two.
Some are saying Mr Moori passed away, but the Company is still going. To me his passing is still rumor.


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I had some original Moori tips when they first came out and were all the buzz, hit great. I bought a Ned Morris cue, one of the tips was a Moori but older, that shaft hit great. When that tip had to be replaced, I bought a new Moori Soft, blah! Hit harder than the old tip, no feedback at all, mushroomed daily, did not grip the cue ball. After a few months I put that shaft away and used my second favorite one, but at least it had a better tip on it.

Replaced that Moori with a Kamui Black Soft eventually since I kept reading here they were the nuts, best tip I every played with in over 20 years. All of my shafts have Kamui Black Soft tips on it, played with one for months, it looks and feels like new, no mushrooming, keeps it's shape, needs a scuffing or picking maybe once a week or two.