Mosconi 2019-Secret Weapon JJ

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Great win by team USA. Johan deserves the credit he is getting for bringing USA back but alas I can't seem to think the Double J has a lot to do with it. He's obviously triple smart (just listen to him commentate) and his laid back but reassuring method seems to really go over well with the guys. He's one of them. Ex US Open and Mosconi winner and still plays at a very high level. You could tell when he would come over between racks that the guys really like and believed him.

Kind of like having Captain Sully in the copilots seat. You are flying but it feels good to see him beside you. Congrats again to the whole team and Co-Captains. Congrats to Skyler for putting the team on his back and showing the world he too can be Alpha Dog. Congrats to JJ for a job well done.


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Completely agree. I’ve spoken with Double J and he comes across as knowledgeable, calming, and encouraging.

And, if you’ve seen the YouTube video of him and Earl about to get in a fist fight, he’s a good man to have next to you in a foxhole.


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I wonder. Johan was given an excess of resources to ready the team. Boot camps. Dream Challenge. Kremlin Cup. Team USA vs. Team CSI.

I highly respect JJ. But I wonder if his future success is driven off his knowledge or his access to similar resources. I assume these are Matchroom dollars being spent. I wonder if he’s given the same budget.

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Have come to really enjoy listening to him call matches. Seems like an interesting guy.