Mosconi Cup 2009 Deul+Archer "Nerves" Match...


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That was a great match and Johnny was outstanding.. He kept Corey on track by making difficult shot after difficult shot and by constantly encouraging Corey.. Corey was definitely not at his best this tournament but he still did contribute. Not every day is going to be your best but I still have a ton of respect for Deuels game. The kick that he made on the two ball was sick.. The best hit of the Cup IMHO..


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I'd asked about this match and now I have it! :dance:

This lineup of youtube from snookeram is better organized than the lineup found thru Fast Lenny's thread link. I don't know how snookeram got youtube doing two different ways, but who cares, it's sweet as can be!

Rep to thekid77!


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Great match. That snookeram guy is my new hero for making all these available. I am a big fan of Coreys, and yeah he was off especially during the first part of the match. He still made some sick shots, especially that 1 ball shot that Appleton left near the jaws.

Maybe it is just me but it didnt look like Corey was getting as low on the ball during his shots, looked to be standing more upright than usual. I have several of his accustat matches and he seemed as though his posture was a good 4-5 inches more upright than I am used to seeing. Maybe I should send him a message on facebook and let him know lol.