Mosconi cup


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I know Fedor is applying for his citizenship, and, last I heard, he was hopeful it would be approved but is there any truth to the rumors that he actually wants to play for Team USA?

He applied for a green card not US citizenship. Once he gets his green card it's many more years until he can be a citizen.


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I’ve been sitting next to him the whole time and his crew. Great guys, Billy’s not in this shot. He was off “working” View attachment 673631
"working" sounds about right. Every time I see Billy I think he's paying off a lost bet. The terrible covid mullets with Sky at the world championships was bad enough, but this overall-wearing Captain Bumpkin getup he has on this MC is so over the top it has the feel of a lost bet to a friend. I mean, most ppl would pay a lot of money to get out of wearing something like that once, let alone for days at a televised event.


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Karl stepped up his wardrobe today guys. He's up to an untucked, unbuttoned (used to be) black shirt that is shorter than his white undershirt. At this pace, he'll be up to a tattered golf shirt by the final day.


I think Shaw has looked worse than Strickland so far. Which is saying a lot since earl hasn’t looked great.


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Would somebody please get Fedor a U.S. Citizenship? :rolleyes:

That would only matter if the Mosconi Cup selection rules require citizenship status of a country to represent that country vs birthplace or desire. Would be an interesting line up though, Fedor or Pagulayan (if they move to North America) increases the chances of US winning by probably 25%.