Mottey Matching Set!


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Very unique Paul Mottey matching set. Playing cue comes with 2 shafts, J/B with 1. Playing cue has 8 nice birdseye points into rosewood. Break cue is a house cue conversion with an extremely stiff shaft and hard break tip. Great chance to own a pair of Mottey cues at a reasonable price! All blemishes are shown in photos. The pair are 2 and 3 from the end on the Group Photos.

Playing Cue:

Butt: 15.6oz, 29"
Shaft 1: 3.8oz, 29", 12.7mm
Shaft 2: 3.8oz, 29", 12.7mm

J/B cue:

Butt: 15.0oz, 29"
Shaft: 3.6oz, 29", 13mm

Asking $2799 shipped in an It's George case
No Trades

Images can be found at the link below: