My cue arsenal...


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Over the years my dad always wanted to know about the stuff I "wasted" money on. I think it had something to do with the inheritance -- i.e., I believe he tried to figure out if I still was this "irresponsible snotty kid" that he always claimed me to be.

So, along with the previous web-pages about my motobike & cars, here's one dedicated to my pool/billiards cues, which, by the way, was always a touchy subject between me and dad; "Don't they have cues at the pool-hall that you can borrow?!"

Included are photos & blurbs about each of the following cues:

2 Longoni (Italian)
2 John Parris (British)
2 Lennart Haag (Swedish)
1 Brunswick
1 Keith Josey

..I also mention my shafts (including Predator Z, Z2, 314, OB-1, Richard Chudy, etc.) and my cue-cases:

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Very nice simple collection. I love the Parris Pool Cue and The Brunswick. Thanx for sharing.