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The shrimp have a breading on them.

Jazz said:
I don't understand your comment about shrimp. Let me start out with an admission that I'm no Sizzler expert. In fact, I thought they went bankrupt and closed down.

Now back to shrimp .. the ones I'm familiar with comes peeled or "shelled" with yummy cocktail sauce. So I don't get it how it will get soggy if you don't eat it fast enough. I'd think starting on shrimp, to get the stomach juice flowing, would be more "proper" way before starting on the red meat :confused:

Regardless, I'm thankful that California outlawed indoor smoking as it can be hazardous to light a match near you. Please remind me to sit far away from you, on those rare occasion when I visit Shoreline Billiards.

There is a chance I might stop by tomorrow night to pick up my shaft from Richard so PLEASE plan your diet accordingly.
Are you sreious? 2500 posts on AZ. They should get a restraining order on you for stalking.


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bumpypickle said:
I drive to the local Sizzler and get the steak and all you can eat shrimp with an added salad bar. Steak is medium with rice. I start with the shrimp first because the steak juice makes the shrimp soggy if you don't eat it fast enough. Then I eat the rice with a few chicken wing chasers. Then comes the meatballs and shrimp mixed with a few pieces of fruit to be healthy. Then I flag down the waitress because once she delivers the food she never talks to me again. I ask for more shrimp and she says "uno" and I say yes one. After eating my second helping of shrimp I head to the pool hall to sit on the rail and post stuff on AZ. If I have enough energy I hit a few balls late at night so nobody will hear me pass wind. bumpypickle

If we ever get a chance to match up, maybe we could just play for one of these dinners at Sizzler! Sounds pretty damn good,LOL....oh, but without passing wind thing:D

Hidy Ho

Missed 4 rail hanger!!!
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bumpypickle said:
Are you sreious? 2500 posts on AZ. They should get a restraining order on you for stalking.

The real question is ... is shrimp still a shrimp with all the "breading".

About being "sreious" .. I like to keep my personal belief to myself.


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See how many you can run (starting with a straight in shot) drawing the CB back to the same spot and shooting the next spotted ball into the same hole

Do that as many times as you can without having to use a rail..

I would be impressed if you did more than 15

That drill is in Glenn Bond's book/video, I think it's called the "soft draw drill". I've used it as a prop bet because most people think it's way easier than it is, and I've practiced it enough that I can do it for a long time.


Great drill used it today and it showed me just how much practice I need. Was able to run a rack and a half once, but most of the time between 10 and 15 balls.