My Joss and questions to collectors, heading to derby tomorrow.


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Little back story. My first Cue as a kid was a meucci which I traded in on a Joss after the first night hitting balls with it at the pool hall. I've had and used that cue for over 25 years. A few years ago I decided I wanted to get a top end Joss and purchased this cue


I was going to get a custom cue made with my own design but I loved the inlay work on this cue so much that i had to have it. I've been using it for the past 3 years and love it. Being a Joss fan boy last week I picked up a friends Joss west and must say it has the most solid hit I've ever felt in a cue. I'm on my way to the derby tomorrow and I'd like to know from the collectors here what kind of cues you suggest looking. My Joss above is not replaceable to me but I also love fine cues and would love to add another to my collection that's got a different feel.


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You said you tried the Josswest and liked it. I think you answered your own question. Find one.

How a cue feels is very subjective. But Joss Josswest, Scruggs, etc, share history and were born in the same place by the same people so it's not surprising when people who like one also like one of the others.

The modern JOSS is very different in construction from the others AFAIK. They evolved in different directions. But they are "cousins".

Anyway, I think you answered your own question. Everybody has their own tastes and opinions but few would ever argue against a Josswest I would think. And you already tried one and liked it.