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  • Do you still have any information on Cobra cues and the Mizerak cues?? did you ever find a catalog? and original Price sheet? I have several of the Mizerak Professional series cue that I purchased from Steve after He and Miller split up. In fact I bought all of the Professional series that he had left. I used to have a catalog but I can not find it now.
    don willis was not fountain inn red as i knew both. one was from akron one was from the south.
    Tried sending you a pm but you had no room. Got my cue guy cleaning it up. Thought I was getting it back yesterday but won’t get it back until tomorrow. Give me your number and I will send you pics and specs.
    The co-worker that goes to St. Marteen is on vacation this week, probably there now or similar place. I'll get should of her next week.
    Did you ever find a brochure for the cobra professional series? I am looking also.
    Hi Doc,
    We haven't had any interaction on AZB as of yet, but I have enjoyed reading your contributions to the forums. I'm hoping you can give me a bit of information or advice regarding a cue I am thinking of buying:

    I'm wondering what this cue is worth in excellent condition overall. I would be buying it as an end user so I don't mind paying full value for it, but I would not want to pay too much over that value so if I decided it wasn't for me I wouldn't lose a lot in reselling it. The seller is asking $1500 for it. If you could give me your apinion of a general price range that would be great. I would not quote your estimate to the seller in our negotiations, but rather I would just use it as background research.

    If you can help me with this I would appreciate it. My email is or you can call or text me at 608-289-8822.

    Thanks much,

    I have another question Doc,
    I saw a thread that you make, or at least made a case or two. I'd like to find a nice piece of leather that hasn't been sliced thin and completely processed. Tanned yes - but still having the suede on the opposite side of the leather. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg, and I'm only looking for a piece maybe 1'x1' .. or at most a square yard. It can be irregular shaped - perhaps a scrap from something.
    Should I look on ebay? Just google leather? ... or would you already know a good place to look.
    HELLO, This is dkjshark, I made a post about a 502 bad gateway and i noticed you replied to it, however i cannot see your reply due to the 502 bad gateway error, could you please pm me with your reply? thanks kj
    Doc, you dont know me, but I have read several of your posts. One in particular caught my eye, when you talked emphatically about a JOSS you purchased in college & how you will never part with that cue. It inspired me to try a JOSS (previously a predator fan) & well lets just say my predator hasnt been out of my case since. I love the hit and the feel of my JOSS. Thanks for your insight and posts.

    Humble Regards,

    Hey Doc, looks like I'll be in Palm Coast again next week. Let me know if you wanna hit some balls. Did you ever get your home table yet?
    Best regards,


    I am from the Pittsburgh area as well.I have some gold crown 3's for sale.I bought the tables out of Bushwackers poolroom in Indiana.Very good shape.I also have the oak chairs and lights if you are interested.

    I will stand behind these tables.I have a few left if you would be interested in one.
    Contact me at 724-466-0814

    Hey Doc,
    I haven't been on here in a while, just wanted to say hi and thanks for introducing me to Anastasia Billiards in St. Augustine when I was down to visit a few weeks ago. It was a pleasure meeting you and I really enjoyed shooting with you. Hope you get your Gold Crown soon so we don't have to drive so far next time! Thanx again for everything, hope to see you in the not too distant future...
    Dear Mr. Chopdoc,
    I've seen your "Bury Me..." comment on a lot of posts. Today, I took delivery of a Joss Cue (Model 120676). I just wanted you to know that I think it is one of the best hitting cues that I've ever owned. I owe my purchase all to you. Thanks. John M. Bianchi
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