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The Mobley is amazing. Cues don't get better looking than that.

If it plays half as good as it looks, congratulations!



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Mobley's are the BEST

they play better as it looks:eek::grin::grin::grin:
when I looking on the Backround with the nice Flowers you need my Palace Garden Case:wink:
Cheers from Europe at the Moment,


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Thanks guys.....the cues are 100% players nothing more,nothing less.
The 4 pointer is more stiffer,have more direct play.....even this cue have old logo on the prong (have new logo on joint protectors),this is one of his newer cues,i think was made same time as some of his new logo cues,but i dont know how it have old logo,maybe Worminator know better,he was the first seller of this cue,hope he can chime in to tell as more.
This particular cue have a feature that i think make this cue play so good,it have a cored backend,but i mean deeply cored,so the weigth is 18.8 oz,have a light shaft with stiffer taper......and that putted all together make the cue hit with a distinctive "ping",the hit have a great feel plus it have much less deflection then any other cue i ever try with normal maple shaft.We can called half LD for sure.
Almoust forget,the cue have included black papers,13 veneers...yes 13.To be honest i try to count many time but never get to 13,i see many colors but newer get to 13,haha

Other is a full splice sneaky with short points,and with the leather wrap added it looks like that old,old school cues that i like so much :grin: ,it have more medium hit ,also have short ivory ferulles.....again forget,the sneaky have a special phenolic over SS joint....with more compression fit to the shaft then the older one.

Conclusion of both cues are,that the "old" logo cue is a ferrari for the "new" logo cue,even the sneaky is a great cue,the other one have much more power , less deflection .....etc,over all is a beter guys when you need a player and you see a "old" RM for sale,take it right away without to much thinking,is not worst and in some cases are better then the "new" logo RM.....and they cost half the price :eek:

Ralf...thanks,its a great case,and im looking for one all over the world,up & down,but need something to carry my cues arround,with pockets,also,need a space for my Lomax jumper that is coming :rolleyes:

Again thanks guys,sorry if my English sucks
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