mystery cue...


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The cue is a Gale Clark, made in Denver
I've had several, this one is probably a sneaky pete with a 3/8-10 pin, but I didn't see a complete pic.
The cost new was $175 and they typically sell for around $100-$125 here in Denver.
Great cues, Gale no longer builds cues, I still have a cocobolo player, and the logo is a longer white sideways diamond with 'GC' above it.

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It can't be a Mystery cue because Steamer Cue Sports Ltd., has exclusive rights to the manufacture, and sale of Mystery cues. It is one of our top sellers along with our Miracle cue.
Like our motto says: "If it's a good cue, it's a Mystery."

Regarding your cue. I haven't a clue. :smile:


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Thank you very much Cuesblues, I really appreciate your help :)))

and thanks for the humor TrampSteamer!!! haha, have a great day fellas :)))