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Poked around their site as I was curious as to cost, if it there it hidden. So have they produced any Pro Level players.

Think it come Dow to cot of class, v/s return on what you leave with, I honeslty think there is so much information for sale on how to play pool better. Via books, U-Tube, Instructions, there are many choices.

The choice is your, like I said for Mer it a cost v/s what I get out of the instruction.
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For what my 2 cents is worth but back in my wasted youth days I use to play the top dogs in the pool hall for table time an push ups. Over time they just started giving me free advice an lessons, BUT of course I kept paying for the table time figured i was getting the better end of the deal.


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From the testimonials:

"... A group of billiard / pool players who’s sighting system is synonymous with success.”
"... Tom, you ought to be in jail. It is absolutely criminal to know these aiming systems."



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I did end up attending one of their clinics. My fundamentals were always extremely weak because I learned to play as a teen and never had anyone to show me the correct ways. I basically learned by guerilla warfare. I am not a real good player, the ghost usually beats be 10 - 2 or something like that, I bounce between a 4 or 5 in APA. My score on Dr.Daves exam is 101. The reason why I mentioning all that stuff is so that you can get a picture of where I am coming from.

We had 6 students in our clinic and 2 instructors, which gave us plenty of one on one time. They also had someone there taking care of the admin type stuff (payments, certificates and etc). Both instructors were great and very knowledgeable. They did a good job of delivering the content to the class and presenting it in different ways so that everyone understood.

The clinic was great for me, they isolated each component of fundamentals and used them as building blocks on top of each other. They really focus on getting those right. They start teaching the SPF stroke as part of those fundamental building blocks. The goal is not to have you perfect those fundamentals in the class due to limited time, but to teach you what to work on and improve once you leave the class.

They did very accurate (using laser lines and etc) video reviews multiple times throughout the class so you can see how you were progressing and what you still needed to work on. This was extremely helpful for me.

They went over a lot of cue ball control topics and set up some drills to help. Even after watching all of Dr Dave's and other online videos I still learned a few things.

They did go over three aiming systems which is where eye opening for me as I never paid much attention to the CTE stuff (which i think at least two of their systems have roots in). It was really magical seeing how a back hand pivot can put the ball in center pocket. Again these systems they just give you the basics so you can go home and perfect them. I was never a real strong believer in aiming systems before this as I usually can just eye a shot up and know where to hit. However after seeing the basics of these systems I think I can use them in some situations and pocket some shots more consistently.

I think the best part of the clinic is that they will help you any time in the future and encourage you to stay in contact with them. They give you a USB drive with some video's on how to properly record yourself and submit newer video's to them for feedback. I have also received a couple emails directly from the instructors to update them on your practice.

I would highly recommend the clinic to almost everyone. About the only people who won't benefit from it would be high level player that already have "rock solid" fundamentals. Those people would be better off finding a one on one instructor.


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Thank you for such a thorough review
It seems like you will be a better player because of it
Good luck with your game......:smile: