need a special bridge for handicapped player


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Several years ago, Mike Massey had a company sponsoring him, that made a bridge with a string across the top. You could sit it on the table, shoot and lift the end of the cue, and the bridge would slide down the shaft. Anyone know if they still make these. There is a young lady, 26 years old}, who had a stroke and can no longer use her right arm. She is back out playing pool, and I'd like to find one of those bridges for her. I know there are all kinds out there, but I'd like one of those type for her. Thanks,


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That sounds like the Stretch System, which is a two piece system. There's one piece that attaches to the butt to add length. The bridge end is telescoping.
I have a few that I picked up from Karen Mizerak after "The Miz" passed. A couple still have the "Senior Tour" sticker on them!
There's a string that goes across the top of one side, allowing the user to remove pick up the cue and bridge out of the way easily.
I've been holding on to 'em, but let me know if you're interested. They sell for about $130 new; I'll sell one of mine less than that. PM if interested.
As an aside, I worked in Muncie and Anderson about 10 years ago after a big a hail storm; nice area. I caught the "Mini-Indy 500" out there and had a blast.