Need help finding the right cue


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So I currently use the players hxt purex break/jump with an LD hxt shaft as my playing cue. I use the purex because the butt is 3 piece and my table at home is in a tight spot so the 3 piece butt is necessary when the cue ball is against the cushion. I'm wanting to upgrade shafts to a Jacoby black but I recently found out that the purex turbo lock joints don't fit other shafts. I plan on selling the purex and upgrading to another 3 piece butt. I was looking into a poison but their joints are advertised as mini radials, will mini radials fit radial joints of other shafts? If not does anyone have a recommendation for a multi piece butt that has a radial joint so I can update my shaft when need be. Thanks for reading!


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Hi, I assume you are using the PureX HXT-P1 (or other color), which is not really designed to be used as playing cue, but as a Jump / Break. You will have a hard time finding a 3piece butt, especially for a playing cue.

The Poisons you were looking at with mini radials are also not made to be used as playing cue, but as breakers & jumpers (the VX line)

Keep the PureX as a very versatile breaker / jumper, and get yourself something with a Radial Pin for playing with your future Jacoby Black CF Shaft. (of course, keep the extra playing shaft your PureX came with as a backup)

You seem to like Poison (I do hehe), so there are some very interesting options right now that did not exist at the time you posted : as you probably know, most Poison cues come with a Uni-Loc made "Bullet" joint, which isn't great for shaft compatibility (although, Predator recently started making Revo shafts for it), but just before Black Friday, Poison silently released 5 models with Radial pins :

- Cyanide Purple and Cyanide Steel Grey & Cyanide Purple : both currently selling for 149.50 USD on Poison's site

- Strychnine ST1 Black/White, ST2 Golden, and ST3 Grey : ST1 is currently 215.40 USD, and the other two are 199.00 USD

You may remember the Strychnines from sold last year as Poison Special Editions .. that's when I bought mine (sadly on the last batch, the first batches were sold with Predator Shafts, these will come with the Venom II shaft and the Sarin tip)

I'm really happy Poison is finally offering something other than the Bullet pin !

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Most 3 piece cues are jump/break only. It's hard to get spin with break tips, for me anyway. I'd look into getting a cheap player or something and stick a carbon fiber on it if that's what you want.


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Hi Superf.

I am in a similar situation. I used to play quite a bit in my late teens/early 20s and have restarted after a 20+ year hiatus. Once COVID hit, I had my home table re-clothed and really started working on my game. Spoiler: I still suck, but slightly less.

I also have a couple tight spots around my home table.

So, I wanted a better playing cue, a break cue, and wanted to be able to deal with trouble areas at the home table. I did some research (this forum especially) and agreed with the perspective that most of a cues function comes from the shaft. Please note I wrote “most” not “all”.

I ended up buying a McDermott NGO5 because it came with the Stinger break shaft, GCore playing shaft and a jump handle. All-in was less than $300 shipped.

I use the GCore on the NGO5 butt as my playing cue because I can easily break it down to a “trouble cue” if I am in a tight spot.

I put the Stinger shaft on a McDermott Lucky butt that I already had. (I have 3 Lucky cues as my “house cues”).

On the rare occasion when I want to jump, I put the Stinger shaft on my extra McDermott jump handle.

I know this set-up might make some folks on this forum cringe – and rightly so. It works well for me as a beginner-level player mostly playing the ghost from my basement.

For a relatively small cost, I have a cue with a decent playing shaft, a decent break cue, and a functional jump cue option. The GCore feels like an upgrade vs. the standard shafts I used prior. And the Stinger shaft/tip breaks well for me.

Plus, if I decide to upgrade, the standard 3/8x10 joint on my GCore could potentially work with many other cues as a primary or back-up shaft.