Need help for keep pool table durable



I just bought a used pool table in Thailand. The brand is Aileex from Taiwan. Good condition to play for an amateur like me :D. It costs about $1,500. Not too much but nice value.

My table is using new Simonis 760. How long will I need to replace a new cloth? And should I use some water or liquid to clean the cloth after playing some games?

Thanks in advance.


Mr Nobody

High humidity there ? Brush your table after playing and do not scrub , only one direction , head to foot . If you play everyday vacuum once a month as too much will wear your cloth out faster, being a home table the cloth should last many years in the AC . Moisture will stain unless you have the teflon reinforced cloth . Wash your hands a bunch as the oils in your skin is what leaches the dye out of the chalk and stain your shaft and help make your cloth dirty . Dirty cloth ruins the finish on the balls , slows the game down ... A little effort and you'll enjoy your game !!!;)