Need new player. 800 - 1200


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So my birthday is coming up and I figured I'd get myself something nicer than the r360 I've been playing with. Like the post says I'd like to keep it to 12 bills or less. I'd like to stick with a common joint like 3/8-10 so I can fool around with shaft options later if I so desire. I'd like something custom but am unopposed to a nice production cue like a schon since everyone makes 5/16 shafts. I like veneers and also hoppe rings but neither are really necessary.


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I've got a few in that price range.....



Richard Black

Plus, for a few $$$ more a Dave Jones

more info here >>>

Also, for a few $$$ less a Predator Roadline SP6O-BRSL

more info here >>>


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I have probably 30 cues in your price range send me a text and I'll send you some pictures 727-623-6377 dave

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Hi Bob,
My email send isn't working, grrr.
I sent you a P.M. with info about picture.
If you send me your phone number I will call and we can discuss further.
My email adr is (I can receive emails)