needed information on corey barnhart cues


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i am just looking for some info on his cues, playability, pricing(specifics if possible), ex. $ difference between a barnhart cue with a segmented grip with plain ebony or birdseye maple forearm and buttsleeve, segments with the typical sterling silver inlays, say 200 to 300 v.s. one with more custom work and highly figured woods. where does he start if he doesnt do sneakypetes anymore both price and cue wise? Does he have inexpensive cues? under 1000? new. or not? i know his reputation is great i am just looking at making a decision and could use any help and info out there from those who are close to him and previous customers


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I believe Cory has a price list for his cues. Don't have his contact info, but I know it's been posted on here at some point.


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Cory might be the most pickiest cue maker around. He lives 15 minutes away from me and I have owned a couple of his cues. I've seen simple cues and I've seen some eye candy cues that he has made. He takes a lot of pride in what he does and if he makes even the slightest mistake he tosses it out. He will make a cue around $1000 and make it look great. Talk to Bamacues on here, he visits Cory quite often and has his info. He will give you more info too.