Nevel break cues


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Hello everyone. After four years working on this I have finally put together the best break cue out on the market. I have tested and compared it with many other break cues such as "preadator bk2, sledgehammer, bunjee, and other custom break cues. They all were tested on a radar gun at Johnny Archers pool room. I broke about ten times with each cue. I dont want to write on here which cues preformed the worst so I dont hurt any feelings. If you talk with me in person, I will tell you. But needless to say, my break cue was three miles an hour faster than the second fastest time. Plus as far as jumping with a full cue, if any of you were at the mobile tournament, you would have seen me demonstrate it. The best thing of it all is that it is a leather tip!!!! BCA has already banned phenolic and soon it will be banned from all tournaments. Soon, jump cues will be banned also. I have the perfect solution....and they only cost $300. Not over seas made cue...this is a custom cue made here in the a three man shop. Jimmy Reeves, Craig and me, Larry Nevel. I also have a guarantee on the cue. If you can find another cue to outbreak and out jump my cue...I will give you your money back!!! Plain and simple. Any questions you can call me direct at 864-498-2648. Thank you...


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Gem city playing cue

Larry its good to see you here. I was in Merrietta and watched you warm up before the tournament started. I enjoyed watching you warm up as much as the matches because you get to see all the strokes and spin that is not used much during a match.

I noticed you seemed to really have a connection with the cue you were using. I know you are a great player with any cue but there seemed to be something special between you two.

The cue had I think a 1/4 or 1/2 inch ferrule similar to carom cues. You stated you had it about 3 weeks. Did you or your friends make this cue, if you could, tell us more about it. weight, woods, pin size. Was I wrong about you having a feel for this cue?

Are you going to make other than break cues? Wish you well, your my number 2 favorite player.