"New" 1P match video


When will then be now?
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I've been sitting on a good 1P match (which was previously live streamed) for a few weeks, and I finally uploaded it to YouTube.

David is giving me 10-7, and we're both still learning about this game, but we have Shawn Putnam and John Palmore running the commentary. David and I (and many of you) are still learning about the game of 1P, but these guys do a great job of explaining their expert strategies, especially with their critique of our moves.

Andrew Cleary sponsored the audio rentals. Thank you for that, Cleary. :)

I hope you enjoy the match, but more so, I hope you enjoy the commentary. I think most of us could learn a few things from this video, especially the commentary from Shawn and John.

Here is the match:


Thanks for checking it out.