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Hello all,
New to the forums here, but looking for some contact information for getting a 1983 Cheyenne leather valley table, 7ft, moved. I live between Dayton,Ohio and Richmond (Centerville),Indiana. Hopefully with all the resources and contacts here, I can get some help haha
I apologize if I am in the wrong forum of course as well. Thank you for anything you can provide!!
I posted here and in the main forum.


That's what... about an hour and change away?
get a uhaul and a couple buddies to help.

Disassembly is really easy.
I just moved my valley across town last weekend


A 7 footer should fit in a minivan or SUV if you have access to one big enough. Homedepot was the MVP for my move. They rent out a flatbed truck for $20 for the first 75 minutes and like $5 every 10 minutes after or something cheap as it only cost me $50 bucks total with the gas refill. The truck bed has 3 gates with fold down making it super easy to access and move stuff on and off.

I got an 8 foot 4x4 piece of lumber at home depot and they cut it in half to act as the feet at the head and foot then laid the frame on top of the two 4x4's. Toss some cardboard on top to act as a buffer and then laid the slate on top and secured it with tiedown straps. Harbor Freight has cheap moving blankets for the rest. Hopefully, some of this will be of help. Cheers


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I moved mine with a uhaul trailer flip it on its side on to a four wheel dolly put stap around it and wheeled it on to trailer a one man move.


If you’re looking to hire someone, I’d highly recommend Jack Zimmerman, best in Indiana I’d say.

(812) 756-2899

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