New OB plus shaft question


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I just got a OB classic plus shaft and thought it plays very stiff and well
but had a really horrible feel and sound once in awhile.
I know alot of these LD shafts are stocking there tip with a Everest.
Curious if anyone else noticed this and did they change there tip.
The shaft was going to a buddy of mine but I dont want to sell
him something that I feel isn't 100% right.
I know the Everest tip can be hit and miss but curious if these
shafts just feel this way all the time. Thanks


Ty-Tanic Makes U Panic
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I thought the same thing when I tested one out. I believe they do have the Everest tips on them and replacing it will help with the sound but I am not positive about the feel. Id put a different tip on it and try it out before you give it to you buddy.


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Put a Kamui tip on my OB and never experienced what u described. I did not,like the Everest tip at all.


TS Billiards
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Sounds like the tip has loosen its elasticity and hardened out due to humidity or tip not installed properly. Try replacing the tip especially a soft tip, it'll fix the sound.