New Schon cue.... need some help.


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So I got this cue today, with these two shafts. One I'm pretty sure on, becuase I sold one about a year ago, but it was in alot better shape. The other one I'm not sure on, looks like a Micarta Bob Runde? Any help would be great. Cue currently is in a box, about to be shipped back to Wisconsin to be refinished. Plus I have my own lathe, but like sending these back to Schon. It came with three shafts, the red one I have no idea about.


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The logo in the joint collar is 93 only, and that is when Bob left. The second shaft is also a Schon as it has the phenolic sleeve over the pilot. Since your pin is a standard 5/16/x14, you would need to have the ID and OD of the pin. Pre 93 shafts will not fit on post 93 pins, but post 93 shafts will work on pre 93 pins.
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It's just an STL 13. Nothing special, I used to own one, won it in a raffle in the late 90's. They still make them.
Well by the time I sell off the two other shafts, 400 for the cue, 300 refinished is 700, sell two shafts that I don't like, I'll own this one for around 300usd. Plus it will be in prefect shape, not bad for just a STL 13.