New to Greenwood / Indianpolis Area - Looking for Afternoon Practice Partner


Formerly AfghanBilliards
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Hello All,

I have been out of the country for a couple years now. I used to play quite often before I left. I am now living in the Greenwood / Indianapolis area and would like to see if anyone in the area would like to practice/shoot occasionally in the afternoons.

I would prefer to play on the 9ft at John Waynes because it is closer and its $5 unlimited until 6pm.

Would love to play:
One Pocket
Rotation Games
Maybe get into some 14.1



AzB Silver Member
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I can play almost any day 11-3ish
Enjoy playing only a C player working hard on improving
Not into gambling.
If your interested to text me or call me 3179455942
Jeremy Miller