Newbie here. Cue search.


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Back at league 8 ball after 3 years off. (Doing pretty good winning 0.600 this season).
Some of my latest cue search issues you might help me with:

67 year old with some new finger issues.
Also, a lost (or stolen) 2015 18.5 ounce predator Willie cue with a 12.4 Revo.
I replaced that with a new PK3 (with a 30" Revo 12.4) from Predator.
Maybe it was the extra inch ( I am 6')?
But it seemed that the cue was thinner on my back hand than what i was used to for 8 years.
They were great and accepted the return.

Without a Cue store around (LA is 2 hours South) I am thinking of getting another Predator (mostly because I already have the weight set and like the REVO).
Are all of their current uni-loc models the same thickness? Do some just get a leather wrap to help with the old finger grip?

I also would like to find a lighter (18 oz) Predator (with a REVO 29"). Thanks!


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I'd take a day and go for a drive!!
I am unlikely to buy a relatively expensive cue without getting a feel for it first. I am not interested in collecting cues., just cues I would want to play with.
I wouldn't care to add a wrap to make the "handle" part of the butt section thicker. The transition from and to the wrap should be perfectly smooth.
I have seen others add a thicker cork wrap to accommodate their grip hand but I wouldn't care for it. I'd rather find a different cue.


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thanks... i bet there is probably one in San Fernando Valley? I am not a collector either. They are tools.

Left in my Predator parts bin is a REVO 30" shaft 12.4, and the weight kit.
I am looking for a predator that is light that i can go up from 18.5 with. I guess sampling from a dealer with most of the models is key.

The weird thing is I miss my 2016 REVO that I lost. I miss the extreme off center cue hits.
I been on a 8 year old Lucasi, and winning more. Even though my ball control options are more limited.
The last 6 weeks I am 75% wins and nobody in the league knows me so it's kinda fun for an old guy to get along with these 125 other members.

I wouldn't mind any suggestions of thicker butts that can adapt to the REVO uni loc. My budget is around $2K nothing to fancy.


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If you want a thicker butt, in unilock you can get any number of full splice custom cues that match that for your price limit. Or something like a Lucasi LZ2000SP. I use one as my travel cue at times and the butt has a pretty beefy feel to it.

There are probably a dozen good cues in the for sale section on AZB you can find with a thicker butt, although maybe not with the unilock joint. But should not be too hard to sell or trade your shaft for something with a different pin.