Sold Nitti sneaky, full splice coco hoppe

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Guys I have a Nitti in like new condition, no dents or dings except one tiny blemish near butt cap insert. Only use was yesterday from me that I know of. Very nicely figured coco into Birdseye. Beautiful hoppe sneaky from Nitti! Standard 58 inch cue. Radial Pin. Cue hits and plays great! Get it while it's here. No trades.

Shaft 12.8 mm 3.8 oz
Butt 15.3 oz

$625 shipped!! ..a great price for a pristine Nitti.



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Been awhile, probably 8-10 yrs., since I viewed a Nitti SP cue on AZ and this looks like a handsome cue.
He’s known to be meticulous in his cue making so I’m presuming he’s the same way with SP pool cues.


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IMO, that tiny little blemish on the butt is something you’ll never see. When you hold your cue,
you don’t look at the rubber bumper regardless of stroking with it or just standing with it. This
is a really nice SP cue, IMO. The wood Mr. Nitti used looks to be excellent, at least it does in
these photos. I don’t need a SP cue & the weight is heavier than my other cues or else I’d get it.
Chris is a top notch cue maker. This SP cue would make an excellent starter cue or for league play.