Nowhere to compete!!!


Hittin' the tables!!
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So I feel like its time I start playing in some events! I need to see how i do in a competitive situation. Problem is...none of the rooms close to me have tourneys! There are 2 rooms within 10 minutes from me and about 5 within 30 minutes.

I don't drive and the only place around to play in a tournament is about 40 min by bus from work...not horrible but i just wish there were some closer and not on a Monday ( back to work and im so shot by the time i leave!)

I don't think i am good enough to play in any of the "amature" tournaments that come to town...tho if i could find one that is easy on the wallet i might consider it!

***sigh*** ill just keep practicing i guess until something comes up that i feel i am good enough to play in!