Sold OB Cue Quake Made in Texas Break Shaft 5/16×18

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"shootin' from the hip"
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OB Quake Break Shaft. USED/Excellent condition) These are made in Texas,, Plano, Tx. Fits any butt with a 5/16×18 pin. (When i ordered this shaft, i had it custom drilled by OB to fit a 5/16×18 cue). I no longer have the butt that I used with the shaft. These are excellent break shafts. I have already purchased another one to fit my 3/8×10 cue. The price is $235. Shipped (U.S. ONLY)

From OB Cues website:
AA grade maple stabilized with resin for increased stiffness. It has a conical taper with an Odega leather tip and low deflection. This allows for a fast break with more control.


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