Old billiard mag's for possible sale


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I am going to go thru these and post some of my favorite pictures, if I can get them scanned to an appropriate size. I did some of them a few months ago, and had to email them to someone else to post for me. Maybe I should have posted this in the for sale section. I'd still like to share a few of the pic's with the forum tho.

I have several boxes of old Pool and Billiard, National Billiard New's, and a few other types of Billiard Magazines that I may want to sell. I am planning to sort thru them soon and do an inventory. The dates start back around 79 I think, and I'm sure I have lot's from the 80's and 90's. It won't be a complete collection with every month, but there is a lot of history there. I know there are some people here who will be interested. Just send me a PM if you have any interest. Give me an idea what you would offer per issue. I would like to sell the the collection as a whole, but if I get no offers for that, I will sell them individually. I couldn't even guess the number of issues at this time.

I got to thinking a couple of days ago, that if something happened to me, my family would probably just throw this whole collection in the trash. That thought scares me. I would prefer these go to someone who has family involved in pool, so they stay around for a while. I will post later on what all I have. It will probably be later next week.
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