Old oak Titalist Starkey carom cue


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I had Chuck Starkey make this cue and I never used it, Brunswick 1928 Oak titalist conversion. 18.5 oz, wood pin, predator qr extension butt cap, 3 shafts, 2 12mm carom conical taper and 1 pool taper, 2 navigator medium tips and 1 sib tip, great solid hitting cue. Chuck does some fine work, not super fancy, just great players. Custom joint protectors included, i paid over $700 but will sell for $400 and I’ll pay for shipping, PayPal seanandnik@gmail.com
Extension is NOT included Butt is 28 inches and all shafts are the same. I may have misspoke, this is a old 1928, 18 oz oak Brunswick house cue conversion, with honey maple colored shafts, I’m not sure if it is a titalist, it had the old green Brunswick sticker and was cleaned and refinished by Chuck


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