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Birdseye Maple with 4 Ebony Pointers (green and yellow Veneers) Diamond Elforyn inlays .
White with Green spec linen. Ebony buttsleeve with diamond inlays. Matching Joint Protectors included!

>Butt 16.2oz , Radial pin
>Shaft 1: 4.08oz, 13 mm

$old shipped Price DROPPED

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Interested in a trade for a Durbin ?
Does have a brass pin installed now


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I thought this seller was legit, and i'm not sure what transpired in the conversation. Maybe , you were not offering what the seller agreed too, or maybe you didn't agree to pay all fees, including escrow.

Also, there are rules about shipping anything with ivory, i'm not sure how they read, but maybe , that's the issue.