Older Cue ID, Palmer? Viking?


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I went to play league for the first time in a couple months and a guy had this, said he bought it out of a pawn shop for $20.

Sorry for the crappy pics. The cue is in decent playing shape, and has two shafts.

It appears to have those plastic veneers (wico?) and ebony points in a medium rosewood front.

The wrap is fuzzed up a little but clearly the good, old courtland.

There is no bumper, and the butt sleeve appears to be ebony as well.

BOTH sides of the joint have steel on them, and the joint is a piloted 5/16 - 18 thread, STEEL pin, NOT brass.

The Ferrule looked original, but I couldn't tell what it was made of. It appeared to have some grain (ivory?) but it was NOT high polished.

The cue did have an old school *PING* to it.

I am guessing palmer or viking, but I know someone on here will know EXACTLY what it is and what it's worth.



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Don't need better pics to tell you it's a Gandy/National/Ricco Cervantes era cue.

Value... not 2500.00 as previously attempted on Ebay. (not by you) Maybe 10% of that.



I love this freakin' game
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Thanks guys!

The cue looks very old school, the butt looked very "bushka" to me, the front end sort of Palmer / Boti, but the joint didn't look like either (obviously) so I was guessing Palmer.

LOL, you're right the pics are HORRIBLE!! I have no idea why my phone reacts to table lights like that, and that's what I went into describing it.