Olhausen Pool Table Non Accu-Fast rails


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Hi guys,

I just came across this Olhausen 8ft table with non Accu-fast rails. It must be an older table, but I just wanted more information on it and to see if its worth it. Thanks in advance!


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How do you know if the rails are Accu-Fast or not? I have an Olhausen, and aside from the snooty corner pockets, it's a good table. This looks like a notch or two higher end than mine, so, assuming it hasn't been abused, it should be as good. I am quite happy with mine until the corner pocket spits out a ball.

Is it worth it? I guess that depends on the price and what else is available in that price range. If it hasn't been abused and is installed correctly, it will play well. Before I bought mine, I called a couple of mechanics and they thought Olhausens are good tables. There are definitely tables that are poorly designed and constructed that they don't like installing.


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That table is a Sheridan, pretty much entry level, no it does not have accu-fast. Next step up used to be the Reno, now you had the accu-fast on up the line.

That was 2000-2010 when I sold Olhausens in Vegas. Very well could have changed in the last 10 years or so