On the 8


I had a match last night and I was not able to reach our league director with a shot i had made and the other team had an issue with it. I play in an APA league and i was left a shot on the 8 but the other players ball was sitting in the side pocket and my eight ball was directly behind his ball about 4 inches away and the cue ball was a about the same distance behind the 8. They were lined up perfectly one right after another, the player thought he left me no shot. I shot the cue ball with low english into the eight ball, I pocketed his ball and the 8 ball followed, it became a big deal due it being the playoffs. We could not come to an agreement, more than half the room agreed that i did win the match but the other people mostly from the other team said i fouled. We replayed the game and i won. Who was right?


Definitely mark those in your favor in the future regardless of the argument he brought forth he should have logically come to the conclusion you were winner!