One-pocket etiquette


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id be inclined to intentionally dump the next several games, and then when the guy is up several games, id let him know im quitting and he is not getting a single penny....and then id give him a few moments to see if wants to try and do anything about it....if not, id tell him to have a nice day!


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Sidebar: Ben showed a side of him that I didn't like the other night: A side called "can o'whip-ass". I was on the receiving end. But, yes, party at my house!

It has been so long since we played, I am surprised you remember the experience.

Ben moves soon. we should have a pool party before shit happens.


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A question to those that play the game more than I do:

First the situation. I'm playing on a ball-return table, so balls have to be taken out of the return and put on the correct side of a rack attached to the table for score-keeping.

I broke the first game, and when my opponent broke in the second, he chose the same side I had broken from first, meaning we've now switched pockets from one game to the next.

I've made the first 4 balls in the second game. My opponent has just made a ball in his pocket, making the score 4-1.

If it matters, we're playing for money, but very cheap.

He racks his ball and says, not in a joking tone, "Man, I didn't even remember pocketing all those balls."

Confused, I look at the foot end of the table, and there are 5 balls on his side. I realize I have mistakenly racked my 4 balls on the wrong side; I hadn't adjusted to the fact that we switched sides between games.

I point out that he didn't pocket all those balls, and that I'd been racking mine on the wrong side, and the score should be 4-1. He smiles and says "let's just leave them where they are." This time he does sound like he's joking, and he follows up by agreeing that one ball was his and the rest were mine.

But it occurred to me that I was at his mercy. Racking the balls on his side was my mistake, and I don't know the guy well enough to assume he'd be a gentleman about it.

So finally the question: would any of you have told me "tough sh*t, they're on my side" and insisted the score was 5-0 in your favor? Have you seen other players do so? And if he had done that, would I have had any real recourse, other than to either accept it or quit (forfeiting the game in progress)? Just curious whether this situation always plays out the way it did for me, or whether it often gets uglier.


You would get the balls even if you made the mistake of putting them on his side, as long as you both agreed that you pocket the balls , they are yours.