Patrick Custom Cues


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cue8.jpgWanted to put in a few weeks of shooting before reviewing the cue. After many hours of using the cue here is my thoughts. The playabilty of the cue cannot get any better. Doug makes a players cue for sure. I would consider the cue to have very low deflection. In all honestly i loved my predator sneaky and now i want to throw stones at it. To describe the hit would be difficult i would say solid hit but can still get a lite touch. Now cosmetics of the cue. The cocobolo forearm and butt sleeve are outstanding. The curly maple points look good also just not as much figure as the cocobolo. The points are very even, and come to a very sharp point. Doug added the ivory diamonds and that brought it all together nicely. Price of the cue is very fair if not just a hair on the low side. This is just my oppinion of course. Now for the only con that i have came up with. In the middle of the linen wrap there is a very small gap. Maybe a 64th or less between the linen. That may be nit picking but wanted to be fair.


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Dynamite looking cue, Steve. And you're right about Doug making a player's cue. One of my top picks for great playing. Enjoy.