Pechauer break or black ice?


So I'm pretty much set on getting a break cue from pechauer. Leaning more towards the black ice cos it looks slick af, but just wanted to ask anyone who has tried both if there was any significant difference between the maple one and the black ice. There's a pretty good big price difference between the two and was wondering if it's worth it.

As far as I know both are forward weighted and I'd assume that'd make the balance point roughly the same?

Was also wondering if in the event that I do get either one, should I swap out the default pech gold break tip? I've been breaking with a kamui hard and it's been working pretty alright for me. Not a big fan of g10 or phenolic. Is the default tip anything like a samsara or is it just straight up rock hard?

I'd appreciate any help and any form of discussion is welcome, thanks in advance guys. :)


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A couple years back, two friends of mine, bought the Pechauer break cue. April Larson was at a tournament and signing them. They bought them to support junior pool, but ended up really liking them. They both still use them. The best break cue I have ever personally used, was a Black Ice shaft on a regular player butt, with one of those lexan plastic tips. You can't go wrong.


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Gave my buddy a Pechauer break cue that I had because he wanted it so much.
We play all the time, it STILL clobbers the rack like a Tyson knockout.....