Pechauer cue thoughts


off the rail
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Has anyone shot the Pechauer L.D. shafts on the Pro series?

Peachauer has long produced quality products and I would think this will be the same.

Let me know.:thumbup:


AzB Silver Member
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I too would like to hear opinions. I know their shaft wood is great. Hows the hit compare to the other LD shafts.


Wanna Play Some?
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Its great shaft but I liked my ob more but u can't go wrong with either


AzB Silver Member
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It's is a matter of preference really. I have shot with both the OB and the Pechauer LD shafts and for me the larger diameter of the Pechauer is better and I also like the taper on the Pechauer over the OB as well...

Hit and feel is good, I use the Pro+ shaft on the DEC-1 aniiversary cue.