Pechauer P15 w/ Vantage Shaft and RP Break w/ Chilton Shaft


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Hi there,

Up for grabs is a Pechauer P-15 with the original maple shaft and a Predator Vantage shaft and original maple shaft with joint protectors. Pechauer has a few blemishes on the butt and the vantage shaft has a dent near the base.


Specs Below:

Pechauer P15 with Shaft - 19oz. Can change weight to whatever you would like. Pechauer Speed Joint.

Vantage Shaft - 12.75mm, Kamui Clear Tip. Plays like a medium. Speed Joint
Maple Shaft - 13.00mm. Tip unknown. Maybe a Tiger Emerald, Moori Jewel, or Monstar Green. Most likely a Tiger Emerald. Speed Joint.

This was sold for 450! Thanks for looking!

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