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Looks familiar somewhat.
Good luck.

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Side Pocket

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This would be cool if it had some kind of a reinforcement ring applicator tool.


The template is used for installation so the spacing of the rings are perfect. I have a shipment of transparent rings delivering today. Will install and update the photos and video.


It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ping.
I just got mine today. It works very well. You just center the rings in the holes. I used clear rings, and there is no noticeable roll off. I had to move one of the corner ball spots just a tiny bit because I didn't have it centered well enough, but now that that's done, it works well and there are no gaps between any balls.

I will try the included dots, and also some doughnut print ones I got. There is a blue doughnut with white icing that I think may look quite nice on tournament blue. :)